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Applies To

This information applies to

  • V13 and up


Before starting your v13 hosting installation you have to check the customer network and his requirements first.

Decide for the needed scenario:

  • Howto:V13 Hosting - Central AP for multiple customers
    • Advantage:
      • When it comes to hosting for a large amount of small installations, a central AP will reduce the overall overhead in resources (amount of VMs, Disk-, Memory-, CPU-usage), used on the hosting platform.
    • Disadvantage:
      • Multy-Tenant set-up.
      • As of this moment, the system installer does not support such a scenario. In other words, if this scenario is implemented, the respective instances on the App Platform, as well as the corresponding PBX Objects have to be created by the hosting provider (manually or through an own installation software).
  • Howto:V13 Hosting - Dedicated AP for every customer
    • Advantage:
      • Single-Tenant set-up.
      • For every customer, a completely independent environment (App platform and PBX) is provided. This is clearly a security aspect, which may increase the overall system stability. Further, this scenario allows the customer to decide which firmware (or revision) is being installed on his system.
      • The standard innovaphone system installer can be used, to install App platform and PBX, even in a hosted (or cloud) environment.
    • Disadvantage:
      • A dedicated AP will increase the overall overhead in resources (amount of VMs, Disk-, Memory-, CPU-usage), used on the hosting platform.


  • Decide for an Upgrade or new Installation/Parallel Installation. If you want to Upgrade than please test it before and read this article Upgrade
  • Decision of Internet Access Scenario and Firewall settings Internet Access Scenarios
  • Decision of internal DNS / Installation Scenarios Installation Scenarios
  • Decision of DHCP or fixed IPs App Platform
  • Creating external DNS names (for every customer PBX, App Platform or adminpbx)
  • Certificates
  • Use Setup-Data.xls from Training Setup Data


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