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Product Name

GM Voices is the worldwide leader in professsionally-recorded voice prompts for automated telephony, PBX and IVR applications. Crisp, clear voice files are delivered in a ready-to-use format for any innovaphone solution in any language.

Professional voice prompt recording enhances the customer experiences, automates more phone calls (fewer customer opting for live assistance), and accelerates the ROI of the technology. Further, brand-centric voices add professionalism and credibility to any customer interaction. Listen to voice samples at the links below.

Sample all of GM Voices talent and languages.

Visit the fast and easy voice sampler.

Certification Status

The tests for this product have been completed.



Some of GM Voices key business advantages and core competencies include:

  • Female and male voice actors in all sounds and styles
  • 100+ language and dialects offered
  • Full translation and localization services and support
  • 25 years recording experience for telephony: IVR, Auto Attendant, On-Hold, IP PBX, Call Routing
  • Voice Branding and Persona Creation Services and Consultancy


GM Voices is a reliable, service-oriented vendor committed to customers' and partners' utmost satisfaction. Working for and with large and small technology providers, GM Voices understands how to enhance and complement self-service technologies and can work with any implementation team to ensure a successful voice deployment.


Since 1985, GM Voices has emerged as the global leader in professionally‐recorded voice prompts, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for automated voice technologies. Dozens of voice actors record in their studios each week, providing clients a consistent voice for any application. More than 100 languages and dialects are offered, with over 900 total voice comprising its roster. GM Voices invented the term and concept of Voice Branding, a single‐voice customer experience consistent with a company’s brand image.

Competitive Analysis

GM Voices makes it fast, easy and economical to create and maintain a consistent Voice Brand. Unlike other voice vendors, GM Voices gears its business model specifically to telephony professionals who are tasked with managing automated voice applications. GM Voices' weekly sessions, a recording schedule where the top voice actors in the most commonly-deployed languages (US English, Neutral Spanish, French Canadian) record on the same day every week, ensure that any required voice updates can be implemented on a fast, fixed timeline. Order bundling aggregates costs among customers, driving prices down and making professional voice a good business decision. Most orders are delivered the day after the recording session, labeled per client instruction in a ready-to-use format.


For additional information, please reference these materials:


GM Voices prices its voice services with a set standard studio fee (variable depending on talent and language) and a per-prompt charge. The most economical voices are the Preferred Weekly talent, but hundreds of On-Demand talent are also available in over 100 languages. To discuss project pricing specifics, contact Winne Bolam at


Winnie Bolam
GM Voices
2001 Westside Parkway Suite 240
Alpharetta GA, 30004
Tel: +1 770.752.4502
Fax: +1 770.752.4545
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