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Product name

Voxtron Communication Center

Certification Status

Image:EngineeredProd.png The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a engineered product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized October, 2011.


Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication

Inbound-/Outbound Contact Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


  • Web based management
  • CTI
  • Distributes contacts (calls, emails, faxes, web-chats, documents, Web 2.0 information)
  • Distinguishes between direct and routed communication
  • Skill-Based Routing (SBR)
  • Is based on the Voxtron Universal Queue (UQ) principle
  • Provides Business Intelligence (BI) information
  • Software Development Kits (SDK) for integration within the existing IT infrastructure
  • Web Reporting and Statistics
  • Recording
  • Speech Portal
  • Wallboard and Dashboards
  • Presence
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Proprietary IVR Application Development toolkit (refer to Axxium)
  • Voxtron VoiceXML Engine


  • Voxtron VCC
    • IVR: 7.0.22
    • CC: 7.0.33
    • CTI: 5.0.14
  • X-CAPI:
  • innovaphone Firmware:
    • PBX 9.00 Hotfix4
    • TSP 8.00 Hotfix1 (8075)




  • Voxtron Communication Center 11 is the new multimedia customer interaction solution from Voxtron. Thanks to its uniquely designed modular architecture, it addresses the needs for SMEs as well as large enterprises.
  • Voxtron Communication Center 11 allows easy configuration and administration thanks to one administration center (Web Center).
  • With Voxtron Communication Center 11, you can choose between two unique licensing models. Or you choose for the Routed Multimedia Contacts (Pay Per Use) package or you choose for the Interaction Login Units (licenses per agent).
  • Voxtron Communication Center 11 enables 4 different types of customer interaction: Calls, Faxes, Emails and Web Chats.
  • Even the most complex installations can be deployed in a short time and can be managed and maintained with little effort using the Web Management and the IVR Application Development toolkit (Axxium).
  • For CTI control of PBX Phones TAPI is used and for receiving/make calls between PBX and IVR it uses XCAPI for SIP/H.323 or ISDN (ISDN PC Cards) trunking.
  • Due to Voxtron’s unique architecture, it is possible to choose during installation which types of customer interactions are needed, which improves installation time and disk space. It is designed in the following modules:


  • Note: Modules License, Datastore and Webcenter are called the core modules, which are mandatory for each installation of Voxtron Communication Center 11. The rest of the operational modules can be installed zero or multiple times. E.g. one contact center instance for the “sales” department and a second contact center instance for the “support” department.


  • The test were successful and all required tests were passed. As a result the Voxtron Communication Center is qualified as a Engineered Product.


The software offers a unique and innovative licensing model that answers the most diverse requirements - More information Click Here


Use Voxtrons Contact page to get more information.

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