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The enhanced Version does not store into Users /store Directory. I get the recorded files stored in VM Root Directory. How can i fix that?


Done. Just load the 05 version (see article).



Thank you. Now it records to VM/<Number> e.g. vm/240/

It should record to VM/<Name> e.g. vm/user1/ or vm/user1/store So the Recording can`t be accessed via (normal)Voicemail.


Hello again,

Just changed some $cgpn to $cn in the last few lines in your script:

<store-getstat root="$cn" name="/" out-error="$error" />
<if cond="$error">
<store-mkdir root="$cn" name="/"/>
<store-get root="$cn" name="$Lctrl" out-url="$ctrl" />
<pbx-record url="$ctrl" barge-in="false"/>

Now everything is fine!


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