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[edit] Illustration


[edit] Technical Data

[edit] innovaphone IP1203/4, innovaphone IP1203, innovaphone IP1203e

IP-DECT gateway and base station for innovaphone PBX

  • IP1203/4: multicell 4-channel base station
  • IP1203: multicell 8-channel base station
  • IP1203e: multicell 8-channel base station incl. external antenna connectivity

[edit] Firmware

Device to be operated with version 13r1 and higher

[edit] Housing

Size: 170 x 174 x 38 mm

White plastic

Weight: 400 g

[edit] Interfaces

Ethernet: RJ 45, 10/100-BASE-TX (auto negotiation), Power over Ethernet (802.3af, Class 2)

IP1203e only: 2 x MCX connectors for external antennas

For appropriate antennas, take a look at the innovaphone web site at Services/Downloads/other vendors.

[edit] DECT

GAP / CAP radio interface

Frequencies: 1880-1900 MHz

Simultaneous calls:

  • IP1203/4: up to 4
  • IP1203, IP1203e: up to 8

Up to 1000 subscribed handsets per cell

Multicell capability


Handover (CAP handsets only)

On air synchronization

RF output power with internal antennas (e.r.p.): 23 dBm - 28 dBm (EU), 17 dBm - 21,6 dBm (US)

[edit] Hardware

Power over Ethernet or

Local power supply 21 - 56 V DC, max. 5 W

[edit] Environment

recommended ambient working temperature: -10 °C to +55 °C

Storage temperature: -25 °C to +55 °C

Storage humidity: 15% - 90% (non condensing)

[edit] Administration

Via Web-Browser

Passwort protected

Administration & software upgrade

[edit] VoIP protocols

H.323 Version 5, including proprietary extensions

H.323 over UDP, TCP, TLS

SIP Version 2, conform RFC 3261



[edit] Voice Codecs

G.711 A-law / μ-law, G722.2 (AMR-WB), G.729A


Dynamic Jitter Buffering

Echo Compensation according to G.168

[edit] Network


RSTP, EAP-TLS/EAP-MD5 acc. to IEEE 802.1X

VLAN-ID acc. to IEEE 802.1Q

DHCP and LLDP/MED support

NTP support

[edit] Additional features

External LED status indication

Especially designed for innovaphone handsets IP61, IP63, IP64 and IP65

A selection of character codes provides access to special features of the innovative PBX such as group functions such as “pickup”, “call on hold” and “join a dynamic groups”.

Access to the central PBX phone book and other external databases via LDAP

Supports 3PTY conferencing when used in combination with an innovaphone gateway platform that supports conferencing channels

Combination of IP1203 and IP1202 possible

[edit] Order numbers

  • IP1203: 50-01203-001
  • IP1203/4: 50-01203-002
  • IP1203e: 50-01203-004
  • Dual-Directional-Antenna for IP1203e: 50-01202-004
  • Single-Directional-Antenna for IP1203e: 50-01202-005
  • Omni-Directional-Antenna for IP1203e: 50-01202-006

[edit] CE-Declarations

[edit] Conformities

  • EN 60950-1, 2006 + A1:2010 + A11:2009 + A12:2011 (Safety)
  • EN 301 489-1, v1.9.2 (EMC)
  • EN 301 489-6, v1.3.1 (EMC)
  • EN 50385, 2002
  • EN 301 406, v2.1.1 (Radio)
  • EN 60945 (EMC)

[edit] WEEE-Number

DE 31703754

[edit] Imprint

innovaphone AG | Umberto-Nobile-Str. 15 | 71063 Sindelfingen | Germany

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