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Technical Data

innovaphone IP2X2-X

Extension module offering 32 function keys for innovaphone phone series IP2x2


Device operated at phones with Version 11 and higher


Colour display, 480 x 272 pixel (4.3 inch)

Touch screen

Size: 90 x 150 x 30 mm

Weight: ca. 470 grams


2 x USB 2.0 for connection of phone and further extension module

Data and power supply exclusively via USB

Max. 2 extension modules per phone

Power Supply

PoE adapter (order number: 03-00010-231). Alternatively switch with static PoE Class 3 configuration.


Firmware is automatically retrieved from the phone

Programming via touch screen or PBX configuration

Supplementary Services

  • 2 x 16 freely programmable function keys
  • 2 x 16 Favourites keys
  • Favourites presentation with Presence and busy state according to visibility settings
  • Automatic synchronisation of Favourites settings with the PBX
  • Display of different Favourites lists on phone and extension modules

Order Number

  • 01-002X2-001 - black without base
  • 01-002X2-002 - white without base
  • 03-002X2-001 - base (long) IP2x2-X for one phone IP222 or IP232 including one individual key module
  • 03-002X2-002 - base (long) IP2x2-X for one phone IP222 or IP232 including two individual key modules

CE Declarations


Applies to IP6010:

  • EN 55022/AC:2011-10
  • EN 55024:2010-11
  • EN 60950-1:2006-04 + A1:2010-03 + A11:2009-03 + A12:2011-02

Applies to IP38:

  • EN 55022:2010 + AC:2011(Class B)
  • EN 55024:2010
  • EN 61000-3-2:2006 + A1:09+A2:09
  • EN 61000-3-3:2008
  • EN 60950-1:2006/A11:2009/A1:2010/A12:2011

Applies to IP311, IP411, IP811, IP0011, IP1130, IP3011, IP29:

  • EN 55022:2010 + AC:2011(Class B)
  • EN 55024:2010
  • EN 60950-1:2006/A11:2009/A1:2010/A12:2011/A2:2013

Applies to IP811-maritime, IP29-8-maritime, IP111-maritime:

WEEE Number

DE 31703754

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