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myPBX is the web application of the innovaphone PBX for end users.



Common Settings

  • Enable Turns the application on or off. It is disabled by default.
  • Launcher URL The URL that should be configured in the myPBX launcher.
  • Start in web browser Click this link to start myPBX in the web browser right away.

Application Sharing

Meetings in an external application sharing solution can be started from the myPBX chat. Currently the following services are supported.

  • Microsoft Office LiveMeeting
    • URL -
    • User - ask your provider
    • Password - ask your provider
  • WebEx
    • URL -
    • Site ID - ask your provider
    • User - ask your provider
    • Password - ask your provider
    • Meeting Password (optional) - A password to be used for all meetings. This might be needed depending on the settings of your WebEx account.
  • Static URLs
    • Presenter URL - A plain link that will be sent to the initiator of the meeting.
    • Audience URL - A plain link that will be sent to all of the attendees using a chat message.

Note: It is needed that you put the certificates of your application sharing solution in the Trust List.

Call List Service

myPBX can use the innovaphone reporting as a database for call lists.

  • Type The type of the reporting service
    • off: do not use reporting for call lists
    • LOCAL-AP: running on the same box
    • REMOTE-AP: running on a different box. The myPBX client decides which protocol to use (HTTP or HTTPS), depending on the URL (http or https)used to connect to the PBX.
  • Host The IP address of the reporting service
  • User The User name of the Linux web server credentials of the Linux application platform providing the reporting service
  • Password The password of the Linux web server credentials


  • Logo URI The URI to a customized logo image that will be displayed in the myPBX web application. The image size should be 220x150px or less. Leave empty to keep the standard logo. The file format should be PNG or JPEG or an other format that is supported by web browsers.



There is a start page that opens the application in a dedicated browser window and that allows for choosing the language from a list.


The application can also be accessed directly. This is the URL to be configured at the myPBX launcher or a smart phone.


In this case the language can be selected by adding ?lang=XX to the URL with XX being the ISO 639-1 language code. For an example fr means French.


People can login using the credentials from their PBX user object:

  • user name (H.323-ID)
  • password

Only users with a password can login.

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