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With this page access to presence and dialog information can be granted to single users or groups. If multiple users/groups are defined the rights of the different groups accumulate. If rights for a user is defined these rights override any group rights for this user.

If a name of the form @<domain> is specified, only the domain part of the user requesting visibility is checked. In case of a System Name, which is marked as 'Use as Domain' the local system name can be specified here as well.

Just '@' as name can be used to specify the default visibility, if no other name/group matches.

Properties of a Access Definition

Group If this checkmark is set, the name refers to a group, otherwise to a user, this works only when you are active member in this group.
Name Name of user or group. If user is given a name of the format '@<domain>' refers to all users of 'domain'.
Online If this checkmark is set, access to online status information is granted. The online status tells if a phone or a chat client is registered.
Presence If this checkmark is set, access to presence activity and presence note is granted.
Dialog If this checkmark is set, access to dialog information is granted.
Ids If this checkmark is set, the dialog information contains calling/called party Ids.
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