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This page configures the USB Headset used with SoftwarePhone. It allows to select from a list of HID telephony codepage capable devices detected on your computer. In case your USB headset is listed here under USB Device and a corresponding entry is listed in the USB Map selection menu you will be able to use the onhook/offhook Buttons on your headset to accept/drop a call. If a corresponding entry is not shown in the USB Map selection try to use "generic HID Telephony Page".

USB Device

  • Select from the USB Audio devices identified by SoftwarePhone on your computer. Select here the same device that you selected in the "Audio" configuration tab (if present here as well). If the device you selected in the "Audio" tab is not listed here the Audio device is not a USB telephony device and you can omit this configuration page.


  • Select the corresponding entry to your "USB Device" Setting or, if not listed, the "generic HID Telephony Page".

Note: If your Headset is not listed here or the correspondig map file is not listed and the "generic HID Telephony Page" selection does not enable the onhook/offhook call control you call still use this device as Audio input/output/ringing device. In this case the call control must be done exclusively by myPbx. Volume controls on your Headset (if present) can be used independantly of this configuration

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