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A Session Border object provides the session border functionality for a single device, which is that the device can register to this object and the object establishes the registration to a configured PBX. This can be used when for example the device is located within the public internet and the PBX in a private network. The Session Border object will then be created on an intermediate PBX which is accessible from both sides.

It must be considered that this is not NAT functionality, so media addresses are not manipulated. This means that in this scenario any media streams must use public addresses.

A Session Border can handle one single registration path from an endpoint to a target PBX. If multiple registrations on the target object are required, extra session border objects must be created which forward the registrations to the same target object.

See Reference11r1:PBX/Objects#General_Object_Properties for generic object properties.

Registration to internal PBX

Parameters for the registration to the PBX (H.323 only)

Gatekeeper Id
Gatekeeper Id/Domain of the PBX
Primary Addr
The primary address the registration is attempted to
Alternate Addr
The alternate address
Name used for the registration
PBX Password
If the checkmark is set, the PBX password is used for the registration

Registration from external

Parameters for the registration of the device (SIP or H.323)

Registration Name
PBX Password
If the checkmark is set, the PBX password is used for the registration
TLS Only
If this checkmark is set, only certificate based authentication (H.323/TLS) is allowed
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