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This article lists the different myPBX derivates and their features offered

Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone myPBX V12r1sr2

More Information

innovaphone UC client myPBX is available in different versions for several platform and usecases. Following table will give an overview about these versions and available features.

myPBX derivates feature list

myPBX derivate Web client Windows Launcher iOS App Android App Remarks
CTI client for remote phoneXX--manage remotely up to 6 devices
Call ControlXXXXInitiate/Accept calls; modify (e.g. hold, park, dtmf, transfer, conference)
Phonebook AccessXXXXiOS/Android App: provide additional access to personal phonebooks stored on the device itself
Call ListsSharedSharedLocalLocalShared: Call Lists are derived from the PBX (via reporting or Call lists service on PBX)

Local: Are stored on the myPBX-app itself

VideoXX--Web client: Requires use of WebRTC + Webcam

Windows Launcher: Requires use of softwarephone or Innovaphone IP Phone + Webcam
For more information refer to concept of Video

CollaborationXX--Web client: Requires use of WebRTC - no sharing initation, only reception
Office Integration-X-- For more information refer to Concept of Office Integration
External Application Integration-X-- Trigger external application with a call. For more info refer to Concept of starting an external application for a call
Click to Dial-X--
Call Popup Notification-XXX
Programmable function keys--XX
Audio embeddedXXXXWeb client: Requires softwarephone or use of WebRTC

Windows Launcher: Requires softwarephone

PlatformAnyWindows7+iOS 6.0+Android 4.1+Web client: for webRTC compliant browser is required (Chrome, FireFox, Opera)

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