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This page shows the state of the Netlogon connection to the Windows domain controller in addition to information that is useful for tracking down problems with the configuration.

The state of the connection. Possible values are
Off: Netlogon is turned off.
DNS: A DNS query in order to find the domain controller is pending.
Connecting: The handshake with the Windows servers is running.
Up: Netlogon is successfully connected to the Windows domain controller.
Busy: An authentication against the Windows domain is being processed.
Aborting: The connection is shutting down.
Wait before reconnect: Netlogon is currently not connected to the Windows server. After a timeout it will try to reconnect.
Last error
The last error that occurred.
The FQDN of the domain controller that is used for the connection.
The IP address and port of the used Windows endpoint mapper.
Netlogon service
The IP address and port of the used Windows netlogon service.
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