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With firmware version 12r2 sr20 the PBX is able to send Push notifications to the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). As a result, incoming calls are also indicated when the myPBX app is not started or runs in the background mode. The PBX is using a service provided by innovaphone AG at to send the push notifications to Apple APNs. No call meta data is transmitted, the push notification is only used to wake up the myPBX app. Only one Push object is needed for a system.




  • Firmware version 12r2sr20 [125501] or higher
  • Internet access via HTTPS


  • Version 12r2sr20 [125501] or higher


  • Version 12.0.1 or higher



  • Check the System Name of the PBX - it must be globally unique. We recommend to use the DNS domain name of the company using the PBX.
  • For the next steps, do not use Internet Explorer, Edge or FrontMotion Firefox Browser at the moment. It will not work!
  • Create a new PBX object of type Push.
    • The Name of the Push object is case sensitive and will be used in the User objects to identify the push service.
    • Do NOT set a password - this is later-on filled-in automatically!
    • Make sure to click on OK or Apply button before proceeding with next steps.
  • Navigate to the Push tab of the Push object and provide a valid E-Mail address that can be used to send an HTTP link for verification.
    • E-Mail must not be an E-Mail already used as E-Mail of another object.
  • Press Connect button, do not close the window until E-Mail verification is done.
  • Wait for the E-Mail and open the verification link in the browser.
  • Press OK button after Connect succeeded appears.
  • Navigate to Reference9:General/Certificates and trust to certificate * that should appear on the list of rejected certificates. You have to do this on every slave and/or standby PBX.

Image:Rejected certs.png

  • The trust list should look like this afterwards:

Image:Trusted certs.png

User Objects

  • For each user who is to receive push notifications on his myPBX-iOS-application, the Name of the push-object must be entered in his userobject at the Push field in the User tab.


  • On the iOS device make sure to allow push notifications for the myPBX app.


  • Check the trust list for certificate of the innovaphone AG.
  • Make sure the PBX can resolve the DNS host
  • Make sure the PBX can reach via HTTPS.
  • Make sure you do not use Internet Explorer or Edge.
  • Make sure the mail used for Push is not used by another PBX object.
  • If there are problems with setting up the Push Service or if individual subscribers can not be reached, open a Support Ticket.
  • Only if you are not sure if the push service is operational at the moment, open a support ticket and send an email to
  • Make sure the myPBX App has Push Notifications allowed in the iOS settings. Also make sure, the iOS device has a valid GSM data connection or a WiFi connection with the internet, especially TCP port 5223 (see Troubleshooting Push Notifications article by Apple).
  • Once a domain is already registered with an email address, this domain cannot be authenticated with another email address. In this case you will not receive any email from our push service.

Known limitations

Push object creation and configuration of the connection is not working with Internet Explorer/Edge.

Use Firefox or Chrome to create and configure the Push object.

Call accept time for users with myPBX client only

In case no other endpoints are registered on the User object, but only the myPBX iOS client, the PBX will not provide any alerting message to the calling party, until the myPBX client on the iOS device restores the registration to the PBX via push notification. In case no registration appears after 10 seconds, the PBX will send "no user responding" as cause code to the calling party.

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