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DHCP-Custom permits to configure a set of 'Vendor Specific Options' for clients identifying themselves with the configured 'Vendor Class Identifier'.

A unique name for a new set is entered under "DHCP-Custom/Add Custom Setting/Name". After clicking "Add" this name will appear in the list of sets under "DHCP-Custom/Name". After clicking "edit" the set can be configured...

  • Name: Name of the set, may be changed if required.
  • Vendor : 'Vendor Class Identifier', if "Bin" is checked the input is interpreted as hexadecimal representation of binary value.
  • Treat as 'Same Vendor' : Provide a Lease even if 'Reserved and same Vendor Clients only' is checked under DHCP
  • Provide customized Vendor Options : Provide the customized Vendor Options although treated as 'Same Vendor'
  • Tag : Option tag from 1 to 254, must be uniqe
  • Bin : Option value input format, if checked input is interpreted as hexadecimal representation of a binary value
  • Value : Option value

Please note that you can not add unsupported DHCP standard options this way. This is only good for defining vendor specific options sent with DHCP option 43.

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