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With this page call forwarding for an object can be configured. If conflicting call forwardings are configured, for the ones with a matching filter takes precedence over the ones without filter. If there are call forwardings configured with identical filters, the result is random.

On the endpoint only Call Forwards without Boolean and Filters are visible and can be changed.

Types of Call Forwarding

Call Forward Unconditional. The call is forwarded to the new destination without delay.
Call Forward on Busy. The call is forwarded to the new destination if the object is busy. If a call is rejected by the user, this is treated as busy as well.
Call Forward on No Response. The call is forwarded if the user is not responding. This may be after alerting the user for the configurable CFNR timeout, or may be because no endpoint is registered.

Properties of a Call Forward configuration

No, Name The destination of the Call Forward. If as destination number - (minus sign) is configured no call forward is executed and the call is also not forwarded to the no-response or busy destination configured at a Trunk or Node.
Not, Bool With this configuration a Call Forward can be made depending on the state of a Boolean Object. This means the Call Forward is only executed if the Boolean Object is 'true'. If the Not checkmark is set, the Call Forward is only executed if the Boolean Object is false.
Takes precedence With this checkmark set, the call forward setting takes precedence over non-administrative call forward settings.
Only, Only Not A list of filters can be configured to a call forward, to forward calls from 'Only' certain calling numbers or 'Only Not' certain numbers including previous forwarding numbers on this call. A headmatch is performed on the configured numbers. This means if e.g. a filter is configured to forward calls from 'Only 0', all calls from numbers starting with 0 are forwarded.

For conflicting 'Only' and 'Only Not' configurations the 'Only' configuration takes precedence.

If there are CFs with and without filters configured, the CFs (only CFU/CFB) without filter takes precedence, so that a CF set by a user cannot be overwritten. If multiple CFs with different filters shall be used with a default CF without filter, a CF with a filter which always matches should be used instead (e.g. Only Not .)

Int. and Ext. Filter option to check for Internal/External calls explicitly. The private numbering plan is used to determine if a call is Internal
Clid, Fwd, Both Filter option to select which numbers are taken into account for the filters. By default only the last diverting number is used, if there is one, otherwise the calling line id. With the option 'clid' only the calling line id is used, with 'Fwd' only the last diverting number and with 'Both' the calling line id and the last diverting number.

Administrative call forward settings

Call forward settings with filter, boolean dependencies or the Takes precedence checkmark are presumed as administrativ. These are not shown on phones. If the Takes precedence flag is set these settings take precedence over non adminstrativ call forward settings, otherwise the non administrative call forward settings takes precedence

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