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Soft DSP channels are available on the IPVA. These channels work the same as hardware DSP channels on other platforms, except only G.711 as codec is supported and there is no support for Fax modems. The normal channel licenses are used to enable this funcionality. The CONF interface on IPVA is using these channels.



  • Codecs: G.711 A-Law, G.711 u-Law
  • Number of channels: Currently a limit of 60 channels is implemented on an IPVA


A hardware channel license can be used to enable a Soft DSP Channel. In future Channel licences can be also bought or rent as PBX licenses, which then can be used by conference objects. This will be available for Soft DSP Channels the same way as for hardware DSP channels.


Soft DSP channels are currently available as beta functionality in 13r1


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