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Applies To

This information applies to

  • v13

Steps for the installation

Step 1 – Execute the received installation URL

The following windows appears, showing the basic settings of the PBX (please do not change the entries).

  • The network setting section shows private IP addressing inside the cloud. This setting is specific to every single cloud instance, and shall not be changed.
  • The Update section shows the current version of the preinstalled system. In case an update is available, it will automatically be installed after pressing <Next>. In this case the system loads the new firmware, restarts and returns to the same screen.
  • Please confirm with <Next>.

Image:1_Network settings-Install - Kopie.png

Step 2 – Connection to the myApps Cloud Devices instance (please do not change the entries).

  • Please confirm with <Login>.
  • When the login was successful, the status message “Connected” appears. To continue, please press <Next>.

Image:2_Login to Devices-Install.png

Step 3 – The Application Platform is being installed

  • In this process, no specific output is shown on the screen. When finalized successfully, the button <Next> is shown.
  • To continue, please press <Next>.

Image:3_App Platform-Install.png

Step 4 – Innovaphone PBX Options

  • The first user account with administrator rights will be configured. You will need the credentials of this account to log into the myApps.

Enter the requested values For the Entries of the Account, you can use e.g. the local part of your email address (the part before the @, no special characters, no capital letters, are allowed. Allowed are letters from a to z and the Characters .!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{|}~ Please remember the credentials of this account. You will need it to log into the myApps.

Image:PBX Options.png

Step 5 – Emergency Administration passwords

A secure emergency administrator password and a PBX password are created. These passwords are not used in normal operations. Both should be stored at a secure place (use cut and paste).

To continue, please press <Next>.

Image:4_Emergency Administration passwords -Install.png

Step 6 – Email Account configuration (recommended to skip for later, after the installation)

Image:5_Email Account configuration -Install.png

Step 7 – The PBX is set up

The innovaphone PBX will be set up, the standard Apps are being installed and the respective PBX Objects are being created. The next step will initiate automatically.

Image:PBX is set up.png

Step 8 - Trust certificates on the browser

Now you can go back to the normal installation process of the box.

  • At first the PBX certificate will be trusted.

To trust and continue, please press <PBX certificate>.

  • Secondly the App Platform certificate will be trusted.

To trust and continue, please press <App Plattform certificate>.

Image:6_Trust certificates-Install.png

  • Now the cerfiticate of the PBX and from the App Platform are trusted from the browser and here you should see the message that the 2 certificates have been trusted.
  • Finally, leave "Test Mode" unchecked and press <Restart> to continue.

Step 9 - First Login with the created credentials

After you have entered the Credentials of the account created under Step 4, you're now logged-in and you see what is called the home screen.

Image:7_After sucessfull login into myApps.png

Then you are done.

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