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The authentication for myApps and myPBX is configured on this page.




  • Two-factor authentication Requires users to additionally approve their logins using an existing session or by clicking a link sent via email. (myApps only)
  • Passwords (myApps and myPBX)
    • PBX only Login is allowed with PBX user password only.
    • Netlogon only Login is allowed with Windows password only.
    • PBX and Netlogon Login is allowed with both PBX user password and Windows password.

Password policy

Defines rules for password changes. (myPBX only)

  • Minimum length The minimum number of characters for new passwords.
  • Minimum number of categories Defines the number of different character types that new passwords must consist of, namely
    • upper case letters
    • lower case letters
    • numeric digits
    • special characters
  • Forbid password changes Disables the possibility to change the password in myPBX and over the myPBX protocol.

Email verification

For two-factor authentication an email account for sending verification mails needs to be configured.

  • SMTP server The IP address or DNS name of the SMTP server.
  • Client host name The hostname or IP address for the EHLO message. Optional, defaulting to
  • Sender name A readable name that is used as the sender of the emails.
  • Email address The email address for sending mails.
  • Username The username of the email account.
  • Password The password of the email account.
  • Verification link The link that is used for accepting or rejecting sessions. Configure https://PBX-IP-or-DNS-name/PBX0/session.xml
  • Test Here you can send a test mail using the configured account.
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