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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX from version 13r2


  • The feature is intended to integrate the myApps web client into MS Teams as a custom app.
  • The PBX offers a download link for that custom app that can then be uploaded into MS teams.
  • The app is auto-configured with the URL and Domain Names of the PBX.

Note: The custom app offers no further integration into Teams in 13r2 besides opening the web client. Deeper intergrations might follow in future releases.



  • Firmware version 13r2 or higher
  • The PBX must have a DNS name configured

MS Teams

  • Side-loading of custom apps has to be enabled for the organization



  • The custom app can be downloaded in the advanced UI of the PBX at PBX/Config/myApps.

Custom App Details

The custom app is a ZIP file containing icons and a manifest.json.

Please see the Microsoft documentation for details on the manifest format:

Dynamic parts of the auto-generated manifest

The build number of the PBX firmware.
An app ID that is unique per PBX DNS name.
Contains the DNS name of the PBX.
Contains the DNS name of the PBX.
Contains the DNS name of the PBX.
The myApps-URL of the PBX.
The DNS name of the PBX.

Example manifest

The following example shows a manifest created for a PBX with the following configuration:

 config change PBX0 /gk-id /dns /gk-domain
System Name
Use as Domain

   "$schema": "",
   "manifestVersion": "1.8",
   "version": "135724",
   "id": "0e33ff1e-7744-8dda-11ee-fee8459a836f",
   "packageName": "com.innovaphone.myapps",
   "developer": {
     "name": "innovaphone AG",
     "websiteUrl": "",
     "privacyUrl": "",
     "termsOfUseUrl": ""
   "icons": {
     "color": "color.png",
     "outline": "outline.png"
   "name": {
     "short": "innovaphone myApps",
     "full": "innovaphone myApps ("
   "description": {
     "short": "innovaphone myApps (",
     "full": "This app shows the innovaphone myApps client for"
   "accentColor": "#FFFFFF",
   "staticTabs": [
       "entityId": "com.innovaphone.myapps.client",
       "name": "myApps",
       "contentUrl": "",
       "scopes": [
   "permissions": [
   "validDomains": [
   "devicePermissions": [


Duplicated myApps app under "more added apps (the three dot "..." on the left side bar menu)

This can occur when user has added myApps app from his organisation and also uploaded by himself the customised app.

Upload fail

Be sure to upload the zip file that was previously download under PBX/Config/myApps and that the requirements are fulfilled.

Expected restrictions of MS Teams

No WebRTC screen sharing

Teams does not support WebRTC screen sharing. So the softphone app inside teams won't support it either.

Switching to a different app closes the current app

In Teams client, Apps are closed when you switch to a different app/menu from the left side bar. The same will happen for myApps.

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