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The installed licences are managed on this page. A list of all installed licenses is displayed. The licenses can be downloaded, deleted (not invalidated) and new licenses can be uploaded. All installed licenses are displayed here, even licenses which are not valid. No verification of a license is done when uploaded.

The following applications of an innovaphone device use licenses: PBX, Gateway, DECT. To check what licenses are verified and thus can be used on the system, the user interface of the respective application (PBX, Gateway, DECT) must be used.

The description of all the licenses available can be found within the description of the respective application.

When licenses are updated a reset of the system is required. If multiple licenses are uploaded it is sufficient to do the reset after the last license upload. Only XML-formatted license files can be uploaded. is a link to open the License Manager Dialogue. There you can invalidate all installed licenses in order to return PBX licenses to your account balance.

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