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Some statistical informations about calls, handovers and the maximum number of calls at the same time.

Call list

The currently active calls carried out via the DECT master can be monitored. Here, it is to be noted that internal calls between innovaphone PBX subscribers are not displayed if the optional innovaphone PBX component is installed.

Calls In The the number of incoming calls.
Calls In Delivered The number of incoming and connected calls.
Calls Out The number of calls initiated from handsets connected to this radio.
Handover The number of successful handover attempts.
Handover Cancelled The number of started, but cancelled handover attempts.
Abnormal Call Release The remote party number.
Busy Hour Call Attempts The number of call attempts in the busiest hour.
Busiest hour start time The time the busiest hour starts.
Since The time the statistics was reset last time.
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