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This function disables certain phone functions in normal or in locked mode, a whitelist defines which numbers are permitted permitted to dial when normal outbound calls are disabled, a prefix list defines which calls are to be considered external calls.


Applies To

This information applies to all phones with V9 firmware

More Information

Two bitmasks to disable certain phone functions in normal or in locked mode, a whitelist with numbers permitted to dial when normal outbound calls are disabled and a list with prefixes identifiying external calls can be entered via the Web Interface:

  • "Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Locking"
  • "Phone/Protect/Functions to lock via PIN"
  • "Phone/Protect/Numbers for Emergency Calls"
  • "Phone/Protect/Prefixes for External Calls"

The same information can be entered by config upload'ing the following command line:

config change PHONE USER /lock-mask <mask> /pinlock-mask <mask> /whitelist-e164 <numbers> /external-e164 <prefixes>

Currently the following functions can be disabled:

PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_EXT           0x00000001  -  disable external call if not on whitelist
PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_INT           0x00000002  -  disable internal call if not on whitelist
PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_QUERY         0x00000004  -  disable directory search on outbound calls
PHONE_LOCK_DIAL_HISTORY       0x00000008  -  disable outbound call list access
PHONE_LOCK_RING_EXT           0x00000010  -  ignore (but log) inbound external calls
PHONE_LOCK_RING_INT           0x00000020  -  ignore (but log) inbound internal calls
PHONE_LOCK_RING_QUERY         0x00000040  -  disable directory search on inbound calls
PHONE_LOCK_RING_HISTORY       0x00000080  -  disable inbound call list access
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_COMPLETION    0x00000100  -  disable call completion
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_TRANSFER      0x00000200  -  disable call transfer
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_BROKING       0x00000400  -  disable handling of multiple calls
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_CONFERENCE    0x00000800  -  disable conference
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_DIVERSION     0x00001000  -  disable call diversion
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_REDIAL        0x00002000  -  disable automatic dialling if call completion is not locked at all
PHONE_LOCK_MSG_SEND           0x00004000  -  disable sending messages
PHONE_LOCK_MSG_RECV           0x00008000  -  disable receiving messages
PHONE_LOCK_FKEYS              0x00020000  -  disable function keys
PHONE_LOCK_MENU               0x00040000  -  disable any menu
PHONE_LOCK_DND                0x00080000  -  disable Do Not Disturb via mute key, function key and menu. Also disables ringtone volume change
PHONE_LOCK_DIRECTORY          0x00200000  -  disable directory access
PHONE_LOCK_PHONE_SETUP        0x00400000  -  disable phone setup functions: direct dial, lock phone, change pin
PHONE_LOCK_USER_LIST          0x00800000  -  disable user list functions: activate, function keys
PHONE_LOCK_REMOTE_CONTROL     0x01000000  -  disable remote control of phone device
PHONE_LOCK_DIVERSION_OVERRIDE 0x04000000  -  disable diversion override for outbound calls
PHONE_LOCK_USER_INFO          0x10000000  -  do not display any local user info on idle or busy screen
PHONE_LOCK_KEY_INFO           0x20000000  -  do not display function key labels or lamps
PHONE_LOCK_CALL_INFO          0x40000000  -  do not display missed calls and active diversions
PHONE_LOCK_USAGE              0x80000000  -  restrict phone access to emergency use
PHONE_LOCK_DIVERSION_OVERRIDE is supported since V9hotfix17
PHONE_LOCK_USER_INFO is supported since V9hotfix29


+ 0x80000000
+ 0x00000100
+ 0x00000800
+ 0x00001000
  0xC0001900 <---- hide-mask

The mask defined under "Fine grained Function Locking" (/lock-mask) is applied when the phone is in normal mode. The default for this mask is 0x00000000.

The mask defined under "Functions to lock via PIN" (/pinlock-mask) is applied when the phone is locked with a PIN entered in the corresponding menu. The default for this mask is 0xffffffbf, i.e. only the directory search on inbound calls remains enabled.

  • outbound calls are restricted according to whitelist, an empty whitelist disables any outbound call.
  • inbound calls are ignored but logged in the call list
  • function keys are deactivated but show their current state (probably it would have been better to supress key state display, thus this default may be changed in a later release)
  • missed calls are displayed
  • aktive diversions are not displayed (this is currently not controlled by the pinlock-mask but by the pinlocked state itself, thus this cannot be changed in current version but it will be in following versions).

The whitelist is a comma separated list of numbers, including any necessary prefix. This is different to the whitelist handling of version 5 where the prefix for an external call defined in the dialling location (usually '0') was skipped before checking the further digits dialled.

The prefix list is a comma separated list of prefixes identifiying external calls, in the most simple case this list may contain only a '0'.

* Note: This list does not consider the PBX call Filters

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