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With this page the current presence information of a user can be viewed and changed. A user may have multiple sets of presence status configured, issued by different devices. The contact URI identifies the device this presence information was issued by. When new presence information is issued, the PBX puts this information always on the beginning of the list, so that when displaying the presence information the part, which refers to the person rather the device (Activity, Note) can be taken from the first in the list.

Presence Attributes

URI, which identifies the device, the presence was issued from. An URI of 'tel:' identifies a phone registered to the PBX and 'im:' identifies myPBX.
The Status indicates if the device, which issued this presence information, is available (OPEN) or not (CLOSED). In case of 'tel:' this indicates if at least one phone is registered for the user. In case of 'im:' this indicates if myPBX is started.
The Activity describes what the person is currently doing. The Activity can be quite helpful to the watcher in judging how appropriate a communication attempt is and which means of communications is most likely to succeed and not annoy the person. Refer to RFC 4480 for detailed information.
A textual note to be presented to the watcher.
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