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The message waiting object (MWI) is used to store message waiting status for other endpoints. The MWI status can be interrogated by these endpoints and is also sent actively to the endpoint if the status changes. For H.323 endpoints H.450-7 messages are used for this purpose. The endpoint can use this information to turn a message waiting LED on/off.

The MWI status can be set by two methods:

  • Normal call to the MWI object with DTMF commands
  • H.450-7 MWI-ACTIVATE/MWI-DEACTIVATE facilities

See Reference9:PBX/Objects#General_Object_Properties for generic object properties.



Announcement URL The URL for an announcement to be played when the MWI object is called. This announcement can be used to give explanation what DTMF commands are available. If no Announcement is configured the builtin Music on Hold is played.
Extern Name/Number The announcement can also be retrieved from another endpoint. If a Name or Number is configured a call is sent to this Name/Number when the MWI object is called. The configured URL is sent as User User Information (UUI) with this call, so that it can be used by the called endpoint to retrieve the announcement.

DTMF Commands

The following DTMF commands are available when the MWI object is called:

*1*<dest> Set MWI for the endpoint <dest>
*2*<dest> Clear MWI for the endpoint <dest>
# Clear MWI for the calling endpoint.

Alternatively (for endpoints not being able to send '*' or '#'):

1<dest> Set MWI for the endpoint <dest>
2<dest> Clear MWI for the endpoint <dest>
3 Clear MWI for the calling endpoint.

The MWI state could also be cleared by Feature-Codes.

See further information under: Reference:Feature_Codes#Local_Clear_of_MWI.

Call Diversions

Call Diversions can be configured for the object, but are of no real use. CFB or CFNR are never executed. CFU is executed.


From version 13r1 Service Release 8 on it is not possible to register on such object!

See: Roadmap_Firmware_13r1

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