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The Mobility Object provides mobile extension services for users. These services are call waiting, hold retrieve, transfer and delayed call to a mobile extension. For a user, at least one forking to a mobile number must be configured (using the Fork column in the PBX Objects tab) and within the forking configuration a Mobility object must be selected.

See Reference9:PBX/Objects#General_Object_Properties for generic object properties.


Tone Interface
An PBX object to which a dial tone provider is registered. This can be used to off-load the media streaming for dial tones from the PBX. If left empty the local HTTP interface is used for dial tones
DTMF sequence which is interpreted as R-Key (hook-flash). Default is '**'.
Carrier w/o Alerting
There are some SIP carriers, which do not provide an Alerting indication when the mobile phone rings. In this case the min-alert/max-alert feature wouldn't work, also the caller possibly does not receive an ringback signal. This checkmark enables a fake alerting signal, which is generated, when a Progress is received from the carrier.

R-Key Functions

With the R-Key sequence the services of handling multiple calls can be invoked. In the following table R-<digit> means the DTMF sequence for the R-Key followed by the DTMF for <digit>. For example if an R-Key sequence of '**' is configured R-0 means a DTMF sequence of '**0'.

R Put active call on hold and get new dial tone. If there are other held or waiting calls, there will be a delay of 3s until this is executed.
R-0 Reject a waiting call
R-1 Disconnect the active call and retrieve a held call.
R-2 Put the active call on hold and retrieve the held call.
R-3 No functionality, reserved for 3pty conference.
R-4 Transfer held call to the active call. Just hanging up the call on the mobile device, when an active and a held call is present, does the same thing.
R-# Put active call on hold and get new dial tone in case there are already held or waiting calls. Same as 'R' and wait for timeout.

Transfer mobile call to IP-Phone (available with 9.00 hotfix12)

To transfer a call from the mobile phone, which was established using mobility, the number of the Mobility object can be called on the IP-phone. The call is directly transferred from the mobile phone to the IP-phone (that is, the IP-phone's call to the mobility object is connected to the call on the mobile phone and the call to the mobile phone is released). This only works for the active call. If there are calls on hold or waiting calls, these remain on the mobile phone.

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