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In this submenu, up to 26 ring tones in RTTTL format (Ringing Tones Text Transfer Language) can be loaded onto the IP telephone. Other formats are not supported. To load a ring tone, you enter the text-based and RTTTL-compatible content of the new ring tone in the “RTTTL string” field, and then confirm with the “Add” button. By pressing the piano, mezzo and forte hyperlinks, the respective ring tones are played on the telephone at a volume level between quiet (piano) and loud (forte). The “Delete” link in the “Action” column is used delete a ring tone. The ring tones already installed are also displayed.

Tip: The name of the ring tone is already in RTTTL format and is automatically displayed in the “Title” column. To change the name of the ring tone, the RTTTL file can be opened with an ASCII editor and the name edited.

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