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Primarily the Park function is intended to park calls to and pickup calls from a Trunk Line and to create outbound calls on a Trunk Line (PBX object). Any call through a Trunk Line gets assigned a park position (a number from 0 to n) which is sort of a virtual channel number. For inbound calls the park position is always assigned automatically, for outbound calls it's assigned automatically if the call is not created by a Park key. An outbound call created by a Park key gets assigned the park position defined for the key. The active calls on a Trunk Line and their park positions are signalled via group indications. All users sharing a group with the Trunk Line and with group indications activated for this group receive the indications. This way Park keys can be used to simulate an oldstyle key system, so that each phone can have a Park key for each available park-position (line). With these keys a line can be aquired, monitored, a call can be parked on the line and picked up from the line.

Park keys can also be used to park calls to and pickup calls from other PBX objects, for example a waiting queue or an ordinary user.

  • Number: The number of the PBX object to be used (Trunk Line, Waiting Queue ..., for a Trunk Line the number should be specified).
  • Name: The name of the the PBX object to be used (must be left empty if a number is specified).
  • Position: The park position associated with this key. Usually 0 for the first Park key, 1 for the second and so on.
  • Trunk Line: The park destination is a Trunk Line and the key will work in Trunk Line Mode (replaces Park Active Call before Unpark and Automatic Connect after Unpark from Version 7).
  • Hide Parked Party: Do not display the calling party of a call (by default both the calling and the called party are displayed)
  • Hide Foreign Connections: Do not display connected calls of other users
  • Audible Signal after Parking [sec]: An audible signal is triggered if any of the monitored calls is parked longer than the given number of seconds.

Default Mode

  • If the phone is idle and a call is picked up by pressing the key the picked call rings like a normal inbound call and is accepted by going off hook.
  • If another call is picked up by pressing the key the currently active call is put on hold.

Trunk Line Mode

  • If a call is picked up by pressing the key the call is immediately connected.
  • If another call is picked up by pressing the key the currently active call is parked back to it's previous position.
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