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This tool allows to investigate raw objects within the internal flash directory in all aspects.

  • Objects can be listed by just clicking on Show.
  • Objects can be searched for specifically by entering an LDAP filter (RFC2254) or by entering a single letter into the edit field right next to Show and then click on Show.
  • Multiple Objects can be deleted in one instance (up to 100).
    • Just select all objects by clicking on the column-selector checkbox or select some individual objects.
    • Click on the Delete menu within the toolbar. A confirmation dialog will be shown.
    • Confirm
  • Objects that are shown in the right results pane can be edited. An edit dialog allows to add, delete or modify individual attributes of an object.
  • New objects can be created by clicking on New (rather an experimental).

LDAP filter examples

Show objects replicated from Active Directory:


Show objects that were not replicated from Active Directory:

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