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Note: This information applies to IP1200

All users configured. If LDAP replication with the innovaphone PBX was established, the DECT users configured in the PBX are also diplayed here. It is possible to display individual, several or all users. To display a particular user, you must enter the user’s name (Long Name) in the field and then click show. You can also display several users by entering only the first letter of a user’s name in the field and then clicking show. Clicking show without entering a character string or letter displays all created users.

The display of the user data is organised in columns:

  • Long Name: "Long Name" registered in the PBX
  • No: Call number registered in the PBX
  • Name: "Name" registered in the PBX
  • Display: Assigned display
  • IPEI: 12-digit IPEI number
  • AC: It is possible to assign an access code (AC) to a user when setting up the user in the innovaphone PBX. It this was done, the access code is displayed here. See also the chapter titled "Configuration/DECT/System".
  • Registration: The current registration state. Possible states: subscribing, pending or IP address of the VoIP device, with which the user has registered.

To add a new user, you must click the new link next to the tabular display of the existing users.

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