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This function allows you to manually upload a new firmware version onto the VoIP device. This can be automated by configuring an update server as described in the chapter "Configuration/General/Update". New firmware versions can be obtained from a certified innovaphone dealer or directly via the innovaphone homepage (

By specifying path and file name of the configuration file to be loaded in the Firmware File field and then clicking the Upload button, the configuration file is loaded into the device.


  • The firmware fileformat of version 7 is different from earlier firmware file format. To upload a version 7 firmware a version6 sr2 firmware has to be loaded first.

Whilst loading the new firmware, you are advised not to interrupt the loading procedure under any circumstances. If the loading procedure is nevertheless interrupted, the device should under no circumstances be switched off afterwards. Rather the procedure should be repeated once the problem has been eliminated.

Take a look at the documents supplied with the new versions to find out whether new boot firmware also has to be loaded. If this is the case, it must be ensured (if specified) that the required sequence of boot code and firmware update is observed.

The new firmware is not activated directly. A reset must be performed to activate the new version. The immediate reset and reset when idle links are provided for this purpose. More detailed information on resetting the gateway is contained in the chapter entitled "Administration/Reset".

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