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The DHCP function can either be disabled in DHCP Disabled mode or operated in DHCP Client or in DHCP Server mode. The DHCP function of the Ethernet interface has four operating modes:

Disabled: The IP-Adresse and other parameters are configured manually.
Server: The IP parameters are configured manually in DHCP Server mode. The DHCP server is on and should be configured accordingly as described in "Configuration/ETH/DHCP-Server".
Client: In DHCP Client mode, the device receives its IP configuration from a DHCP server to whose network the device is connected.
Automatic: The automatic mode is configured as factory setting on ETH0. It is useful only to get the first connection to the device. If automatic mode is configured the device operates with DHCP mode client after power up, if the device is restarted by pressing the reset button it operates in mode DHCP Disabled. As factory setting the IP address is configured. This way a connection can be established to the device in a network without DHCP server by restarting the device with the reset button an then connect to (this requires the PC to be configured to an IP address in the network).
 DHCP Automatic mode should not be used for normal operation, 
 since an accidental restart may switch the operating mode from DHCP client to a fixed IP address,
 so the device may not be available anymore.
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