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The transmission mode of the Ethernet interface is defined here. On phones with a configurable switch the PC and the LAN port can be configured.


The auto transmission mode is pre-selected:

auto: Automatic selection of the transmission speed.
10m-hdx: Corresponds to 10 MBit Half Duplex.
10m-fdx: Corresponds to 10 MBit Full Duplex.
100m-hdx: Corresponds to 100 MBit Half Duplex.
100m-fdx: Corresponds to 100 MBit Full Duplex.

IP240 MACs starting with 00903327XXXX having 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet

IP240 Macs starting with 00903326XXXX having 10/100 MBit Ethernet

Phones starting with serial number from 00-90-33-03-08-68 having 10/100 MBit Ethernet.

Phones (old IP200/IP202) before this serial number are only with 10Mbit Ethernet

Disable link LED: On IP110, IP200A, IP230, IP240 and IP241 the link LED´s can be disabled

Isolate PC Link: see Prevent the PC Port of the Ethernet Switch from receiving Frames directly from the Phone Firmware (V8 and up only)


In addition, the status of the interface (Up or Down) and the Auto-negotiation used (for example, 100m-fdx) are displayed.

Ethernet MDX

IP400, IP21 and IP3000 the Ethernet interface has a switch to configure the port to be connected to a hub/switch or terminal.

On gateways with 2 Ethernet interfaces ETH0 can be connected directly to a switch port, ETH1 can be connected directly to terminal. Other connections are possible if auto-MDX is supported in the switch or in the gateway or if a crossover cable is used.

IP-Phones have an Ethernet switch, form the firmware this is seen as a single Ethernet interface. Again, the first interface can be connected directly to a switch, the second directly to a terminal ( e.g. a PC ). IP-Phones generally do not support Auto-MDX, only the IP-Phones with GIGABit Ethernet support Auto-MDX.

On IP800 and IP6000 initially a Ethernet phy is used that supports Auto-MDX only if autoneg is enabled. Leadfree versions of that phy allowed no reliable Auto-MDX at all. On newer build the phy was replaced with a type that supports Auto-MDX in all modes.

For details see this table:

Product HWBuild MDX
IP400 no
IP3000 no
IP21 yes
IP22 IP24 IP28 IP302 IP305 no
IP110 IP150 IP200 IP230 IP240 no
IP230-1000 IP240-1000 yes
IP241 yes
IP800 ..107 if autoneg is enabled
IP800 108..299 no
IP800 300.. yes
IP6000 ..199 if autoneg is enabled
IP6000 IP2000 200..299 no
IP6000 IP2000 300.. yes
IP6010 yes
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