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The VoIP device allows the operating state to be monitored using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol with version 1.0). Standard MIB II and a manufacturer-specific MIB (Management Information Base) are supported. Detailed information about this MIB can be obtained from a certified innovaphone dealer or downloaded directly in the download area of the innovaphone homepage. It is included in the folder "tools" together with other applications and firmware. File name: INNO-MIB.TXT (

innovaphone uses the standard Ports for SNMP, UDP Port 161 and UDP Port 162 for SNMP traps, and they are not changeable.

Community: If the standard community name public is not being used, a different community name can be entered in this field.
Device Name: For more detailed information, a device name can be specified here for the SNMP agent.
Contact: As can a contact person (Contact).
Location: As can a location (Location).
Authentication Trap: Access via SNMP is only possible if the correct community name is entered. If this check box is checked, a trap is generated in the case of access with an incorrect community name.
Trap Destination: Destinations for trap messages also have to be defined if the device is to trigger the traps defined in the manufacturer-specific innovaphone MIB.
Allowed Networks: To increase security, access to the device can be restricted by restricting SNMP access to a defined list of computers or IP address ranges. To disable SNMP access completely just enter as Address and as Mask.
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