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The list of incoming and outgoing calls can be stored both on the user's telephone and on external devices. This external storage of call lists is useful if, for a temporary registration with a second telephone, the call list of the other telephone is to be used. In this case, the first telephone will store its call lists locally and the second telephone will access them via the LDAP protocol. You must configure the access parameters in this menu.


  • Off: No call lists are set up.
  • Local: The call list is stored on the telephone.
  • External: The call lists are stored on external storage.

The other parameters only need to be completed if the “External” point was selected under “Storage”.

LDAP server

  • IP address of the database that is to be addressed via LDAP.


  • Port number associated with the IP address.

User name

  • User name for authentication at the LDAP server.

Password, Retype

  • Password assigned to the user name.
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