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Boolean Object

This function monitors the state of the addressed Boolean Object in the innovaphone PBX. A Boolean Object as seen by the user is in one of four states:

  • Automatic Off State: The automatic mode FALSE rule applies.
  • Automatic On State: The automatic mode TRUE rule applies.
  • Manual Override Off State: The manual override FALSE rule applies (automatic mode rules are disabled).
  • Manual Override On State: The manual override TRUE rule applies (automatic mode rules are disabled).

How a state is indicated at the phone is configured under the respective topic.

Boolean Object Identification

  • The number and/or name of the Boolean Object is configured here.

Toggle State (since V6.00 SR1-hotfix3)

  • If this checkmark is set the key operates as a toggle key. Each keystroke switches from the current state of the addressed Boolean Object to the next state in the sequence Automatic Off/On State / Manual Override Off State / Manual Override On State.
Note:  Toggling works only if a number is configured for the Boolean Object. 
  • If this checkmark is not set pressing the key sets up a connection to the Boolean Object. The state of the Boolean Object can be changed then by entering DTMF codes.

DTMF codes:

  • 0 - Clear Manual Override, i.e. switch to the automatic mode rule according to current time of day.
  • 11 - Manual Override On, i.e. apply the manual override TRUE rule.
  • 10 - Manual Override Off, i.e. apply the manual override FALSE rule.
Note: This function will only work if the monitoring user (i.e. the user configuring the key)
      shares a group with the addressed Boolean Object and this group is selected under
      “Group indications” in the innovaphone PBX User Object of the monitoring user.
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