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Hot Desking

If different subscribers often register with a particular telephone, this fast registration function can be used, whereby the access data is queried again with every registration. With transition to state 0, the user is deregistered again.

User Config Stored at PBX

The function "User Config stored at PBX" should be used if the registration that activates the hotdesking, stores its config in the PBX. Without this button the configuration of the second user(user executing the hotdesking) is modified and a 'Delete Registration' button is inserted at the position of the previous hotdesking button.

To prevent this, you must set the "User Config stored at PBX" option and configure manually an additional 'Delete Registration' button at the user executing the hotdesking. If the stored config contains itself a 'Hot Desking' key with 'User Config Stored at PBX' checked this key works as a 'Delete Registration' key in a hot desking registration.

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