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These release notes describe the IP222 hardware starting with build 1300

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!


Hardware IP222

IP222 HW1300

8400 - Additional header for extension module (USB) connector to increase robustness

22050 - Minor layout cleanup - disconnect R101

IP222 HW2000

76370 - Change of handset receiver

Supplier changed (Traneat --> Owolff)

29633 - Update power supply Akros->LT

POE DC converter changed due to sourcing problems from Akros AS1844 to Linear LT4267.

IP222 HW2001

75889 - Change of display panel

(TN (LQ035NC111) --> IPS (LMMA05035EQN1))

IPS (LMMA05035EQN1))

108501 - Owolff Harness

Subassembly by Owolff since MAC 00-90-33-5A-4D-B9

IP222 HW2100

107308 - Neues Diodenarray zur Displayprotection

Das sollte statt des CM1406 Array mit 0.5mm pinpitcht ein CM1436-08 Array mit 0.4mm Pinpitch

verwendet  werden.


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IP222 HW2200

119119 - PCB V2200, Realtek RTL8363NB (instead of AR8035)

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