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All information, technical specifications and delivery times mentioned in this document may be subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted. Copyright © 2000-2022 innovaphone® AG




Technical Data

innovaphone softwarephone

Windows PC-based IP-phone

Voice Codecs

G711 A-law / µ-law

G.729A (free of charge since V11r2sr23/V12r1sr7)

Generic Features

generic features V11 innovaphone phones

generic features V12 innovaphone phones

Supplementary Features

innovaphone softwarephone is controlled via the innovaphone UC client myPBX. Usage of this client provides basic telephony features plus such as video and application sharing (starting with firmware V11). Please refer to the innovaphone myPBX datasheet for further details.


Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows7 or above, appropriate audio devices (sound card, microphone, loudspeaker, USB).

USB-headset compatibility for Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser by integration of software development kits (SDK).

CTI control software as user interface (innovaphone myPBX or 3rd-party).


  • Softwarephone license per user - Order number 02-00043-001
  • For controlling purposes myPBX-license per user - Order Number 02-00031-001


  • Video license per user - Order Number 02-00032-001
  • G.729A voice codec license per user - Order Number 02-00046-001 (free of charge since V11r2sr23/V12r1sr7)
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