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To get access to this wiki, you need to create an account. You can do this yourself using the log in / create account link on the upper right.

You must then complete the email verification before you will be able to do any edits on the wiki. This is done by answering the account verification email sent to you as you create your account.

However, to get full access right, your account needs to be authorized by innovaphone. Here is how!


[edit] Account Authorization

Full authorization is available for innovaphone resellers (iAR) and experts (iCE) and other persons involved in professional maintenance of innovaphone equipment upon request.

To be authorized:

Step 1

First create an account using the Create an account link in the login form.

For spam protection, please do not enter your email address into the real name field nor use it as account name.

Use only your personal email address. Do not use email addresses like :

Step 2

Complete the email verification. You will receive an email with verification link, please click on it.

Step 3

Login to wiki using your new account.

Step 4

Request the account activation by sending an email to wiki-account(@)innovaphone(.)com (be sure to remove the extra spam protection parentheses in the email address) and provide:

  • wiki username
  • your name
  • company
  • position
  • address
  • email (use only your personal email address. Do not use email addresses like : )
  • web site
  • your status (iCE, iAR) (please fill in "iCE" and/or "iAR" only if you have been authorized and sucessfully attended an innovaphone training course, otherwise just leave the field blank!)

Please make sure you enter your real name in your preferences page as the community likes to know who it is dealing with ;-)

[edit] If you are not an iCE/iAR

If you are no iAR or iCE, please refer to your reseller. He might be able to help you with account authorisation.

[edit] Checking your Account

If your account does not work as expected, you may want to have a look at your account status page. If there is a remark in red in the rightmost column, it may suggest what the problem is.

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