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This article contains links to all books we provide with our iCE Advanced Training.

To become a certified innovaphone Convergence Engineer (iCE), you need to book and pass a full iCE Basic and iCE Advanced training. However, to prepare for the course or simply for your personal education, you may find this an interesting reading.

Please note that these books are intended for use during a course. So some parts (e.g. instructions on how to use your training devices or how to access training infrastructure we provide during a training) may not be applicable to you.

  1. V11 News - V11 News
  2. Gateway Interfaces - This book describes all gateway interfaces configurable with innovaphone and their different working modes.
  3. Routing Engine - About the powerful Routing engine in the relay (gateway).
  4. Distributed PBX - This book explains the basic methods to create a distributed PBX setup.
  5. Standby PBX - This book discusses the installation of a standby PBX for enhanced availability.
  6. Redundancy - This book covers various PBX redundancy issues.
  7. Advanced Object Types Part II - Advanced Object Types Part II
  8. MCast Announce Object - A small book about how to make announcements to a whole group of people.
  9. Operations - Explains how to setup an innovaphone PBX system so that it can be maintained smoothly.
  10. Update Manager - Explains how to setup the Update Manager on an innovaphone PBX system.
  11. WEBMEDIA - A book about innovaphones RTP to HTTP interface.
  12. Corporate Directory - How to setup a central phone book for the IP phones using LDAP.
  13. Operator - This book describes the concept behind the v9 operator software
  14. Kerberos - How innovaphone can act as a Kerberos Server
  15. Mobility - This book describes the building blocks for innovaphone's mobility solution.
  16. innovaphone Security Features - Listing all the innovaphone Security features.
  17. SIP Provider - This book will describe what a SIP provider is and the issues to keep in mind when connecting using an innovaphone PBX.
  18. innovaphone Virtual Appliance IPVA - A book about IPVA.
  19. Audio Conferencing - This book is about the building blocks available in the innovaphone PBX to support audio conferencing functions.
  20. Reporting Application - This book describes the concept of the Reporting application.
  21. Presence - This books explains the basic mechanism of presence.
  22. myPBX - Book about the UC client myPBX
  23. Public PBX Access - This book explains how to provide public access to PBX
  24. IP-DECT - The book about innovaphone IP-DECT based on innovaphone IP1202.
  25. E164 PBX Setups - This books is about setting up a PBX system which partly emulates the worldwide PSTN E.164 numbering plan.
  26. Book on Faxserver - Book about innovaphone Faxserver Application and FAX-Interface.
  27. TAPI - Book about the Innovaphone TAPI
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