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This article contains links to all books we provide with our iCE Basic Training.

To become a certified innovaphone Convergence Engineer (iCE), you need to book and pass a full iCE Basic and iCE Advanced training. However, to prepare for the course or simply for your personal education, you may find this an interesting reading.

Please note that these books are intended for use during a course. So some parts (e.g. instructions on how to use your training devices or how to access training infrastructure we provide during a training) may not be applicable to you.

  1. my.innovaphone - Book about the Portal my.innovaphone
  2. Initial startup and recovery of innovaphone devices - This book explains the various reset modes of innovaphone devices.
  3. innovaphone overall Product Design - This book describes the overall design that is shared by all innovaphone devices.
  4. PBX - initial Configuration - This book explains the initial configuration of a PBX.
  5. PBX - Advanced Object Properties and Behaviour - This book explains more advanced properties and behaviour of the PBX user object as well as their related function keys. Most of them apply to many of the PBX object types.
  6. PBX - Advanced Object Types - This book discusses the more advanced PBX object types.
  7. innovaphone setup wizard - This book describes the role and functions of the setup wizard.
  8. Analog or ISDN interfaces - Howto configure analog and ISDN interfaces with innovaphone
  9. Compact Flash Card - This book describes the usage of CF cards with innovaphone gateways.
  10. innovaphone voicemail - This book describes the innovaphone voicemail.
  11. myPBX - innovaphone UC client
  12. Operations - Explains how to setup an innovaphone PBX system so that it can be maintained smoothly.
  13. VoIP Protocols - This book describes the different protocol classes used in VoIP communications.
  14. Licenses
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