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Book about the Portal my.innovaphone


fish-help.png My Innovaphone is the portal for all licensing issues.

link_intern.png supported features are:
  • managing licenses in projects
  • download test licenses
  • manage software service (SSA) and warranty handling
  • guarantee status (only visible for resellers/partners not for end-customers)
  • RMA handling
  • return licenses
  • license download directly to the device
  • conversion of old licenses
  • monitor all your open support & presales cases (of your company)
  • convert audio into into G.7xx files which you can use as announcements
On the innovaphone webpage you will find a selection of link_intern.png video tutorials on the my.innovaphone handling.

License handling

All licence handling is done in link_intern.png
If you used the old licence manager (up to V7) and you have licences and activation keys in the old licence manager, you need to import them into the new portal . There is a link_intern.png quickstart guide on importing your licenses and creating an account.

You can configure different projects and make an own balance per project, also you can give different accounts different project rights. You can give user rights to projects, so that the end-customer can have rights only in his own project, more details about that are here fish-help.png My Innovaphone.

Since Version 8 the innovaphone licenses are changed to allow the following features:
  • Secure return of licenses
  • Algorithm to verify license based on private/public key encryption
  • Direct installation of licenses to the device with direct communication of the device to my.innovaphone

All communication with my.innovaphone can be done either manually, by downloading files from one side and uploading them on the other side, or it can be done by direct HTTP GET/PUT operation by the device firmware itself.

Return licenses from a device to my.innovaphone

Starting with v8 it is possible to give PBX licences back from a device (e.g. if they are no longer needed at this device). You can invalidate all current assigned licenses fish-help.png General/License/my.innovaphone, in order to return PBX licenses back to the balance. The gateway licenses remain assigned to the device in my.innovaphone and cannot be returned to the balance.

To remove all licenses from a box, the box firmware sets a flag to mark the box certificate as invalid. At the same time the box generates an XML document (license file).

Note : Returning licenses to the balance is only possible for PBX licenses, it is not possible to return gateway (interface) and warranty licenses.

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