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How to configure a Push Object

The Push Object

The PBX is able to send push notifications to Apple via the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) and to Google via Firebased Cloud Messaging (FCM). As a result, incoming calls will wake up your myApps for iOS or myApps for Android if it is not started or running in background mode. The PBX uses an innovaphone AG service at to send push notifications to Apple or Google. No call meta data is transmitted, the push notification is only used to wake up myApps.

In the end you should know, if your customer wants to use myApps on a Android or iOS device, you need to set up a push object on your phone system.

If you are interested in learning more about how Push works, please have a look fish-help.png at the Wiki.


Setting up a push object has been greatly simplified. All you need to do is run the install and the push object will be created automatically. If you need to create the push object because you upgraded your PBX or accidentally deleted it, you need to open the screenshot.png Push PBX Manager plugin. Just screenshot.png click the name, screenshot.png leave every option as is and then press ok. A new push object will be created in the PBX which will automatically connect to If the connection was successful a screenshot.png green checkmark is displayed in the upper right corner.

You may wonder how this works. When created, the push object tries to establish a websocket connection to Therefore an outgoing HTTPS (TCP/443) and websocket connection from the customer network has to be allowed in the firewall. has to trust this HTTPS connection. For this purpose, the PBX must transmit its device certificate which has been signed by the innovaphone Device Certification Authority 2. Fortunately an innovaphone gateway has a device certificate signed by the innovaphone Device Certification Authority 2 already pre-installed, as a consequence there is nothing to do in such a case as it will work out of the box.

(Further Hints)Since an IPVA is using a self-signed certificate by default, you need to download the device certificate from as it is explained fish-help.png here.

Even if you use a custom certificate on your device, the device certificate signed by the innovaphone Device Certification Authority 2 remains in the flash memory. This certificate is still used for the connection to innovaphone's push service even if you cannot see it in the certificate overview.

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