HTTP client error 401, 404, 502

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[edit] Applies To

All devices using HTTP as client (PBX's with external MOH. Waiting queues with announcement. Devices with UPDATE client. Phone trying to load background image. etc.)

[edit] More Information

HTTP transaction fails with some HTTP error code, e.g. 502:

63:3043:543:7 - WEBMEDIA-CH.0: http error: 502

To see HTTP client error messages, you may want to enable the HTTP client trace (HTTP Client in Maintenance/Diagnostics/Tracing or even better Client and verbose in the HTTP section of the debug page (http://x.x.x.x/debug.xml)).

[edit] Meaning

Transport error (cannot connect to server).

The HTTP error response status is defined by the HTTP protocol. Common error message include:

  • 401. The client has no sufficient access right to access the URL on the HTTP server
  • 404. The resource pointed to by the URL does not exist. You probably misspelled the path or name
  • 502. Might indicate problems with a proxy server on the far end
However, the HTTP client currently generates 502 for all errors which occur outside from HTTP, such as badly formed URLs (e.g. http:, un-resolved DNS names or bad certificates in case of HTTPS.

More about HTTP error codes can be found in the German and English wikipedia.

[edit] Solution

Validate IP address, DNS names (if used) and access rights and check certificate configuration (looking at General/Certificates on the requesting box).

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