Howto:AVIRA virus scanner blocks Syslog and Trace

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If you use AVIRA AntiVir with WebGuard on your Windows PC, the Log and Trace (continuous) output is not displayed (or after long delays) in your webbrowser.


This problem exists independent of the used innovaphone device or firmware.


  1. start AVIRA
  2. Go to: Online Protection -> WebGuard -> Configuration (upper right corner) -> Exceptions
  3. configure as URL's to be ignored the network-address or IP - address of the innovaphone device. You can specify an network address by entering/configuring only the network-part of the IP - address


  • disables the Webguard control only for the IP - address
  • 192.168.1. disables the Webguard control for the 192.168.1.x network
  • 192.168. disables the Webguard control for the complete 192.168.x.x private network
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