Howto13r3:Step-by-Step Setting up a Standby PBX

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring a standby PBX only, which is used to enhance the availability of your system.

This guide does not describe all aspects that might be necessary in your scenario, it only covers the setup of the standby PBX. Check for more details the related articles the courseware about redundancy.


A standby PBX provides redundancy in your system architecture in case the master PBX fails or the connection to the master PBX got lost.

In the standby role, registrations arriving at the standby PBX will be diverted to the master PBX.

When there is no connection between standby PBX and master PBX or if the master PBX fails, the standby PBX will switch its role from "Standby" to "Master" and accepts registrations from the clients.

As soon as the master PBX is up and running again or the connection is restored, the master PBX takes over it's master role again and the standby will be in the standby role again.

There is a timeout mechanism to make sure that this switching roles only happens after the timeout has been expired, this to prevent repeatedly switching in case of short connection errors.



  • A standby PBX ensures the availability of your system in case the master PBX in your system architecture fails or the connection to the master PBX fails.


  • The platform used as a standby PBX needs to be able to handle as much registrations and object definition as the the master PBX does. However, it does not need to be the same type of device. E.g. an IP0011 may serve as a standby for an IP3011 in certain scenarios.
  • To enable standby functionality, a standby PBX must have the same amount of standby licenses as port licenses. Please note that the standby PBX receives the necessary licenses as soon as it registers with the master PBX by replication. You don't need to upload the standby licenses manually to the standby PBX! In case you use an IPVA as a Standby PBX, make sure that you also have IVA-licenses available.

Things to know before you begin

  • You need to know the PBX password of your system
  • You need to know the IP address of your master PBX


Please enter the IP address or DNS name of your designated standby PBX into a browser and log in to the advanced user interface of this device.

PBX Mode

Go to PBX/config/General and set the PBX mode to Standby


General Settings

Almost all properties of the general page of the standby PBX must be set identically to those of the master PBX. Please note that the standby PBX must have a unique DNS name.


Do not forget to press OK to save the settings.

PBX Password

Go to PBX/Config/Security and set the PBX password identical to the PBX password of the master PBX.



Pleas go back to PBX/Config/General and set the registration protocol to H.323/TLS. Furthermore please set the Master property to the IP address of the master PBX. (No DNS Name allowed)

Object Replication

After registration we want to replicate all objects to the standby PBX. This can be achieved by ticking the Replicate from Master checkbox and the use TLS checkbox.


Client configuration

Make sure each phone or interface is configured with a secondary gatekeeper, as this allows the client to send its registration requests to the standby PBX if the master fails.


There are multiple ways to verify if your configuration works as expected.

  • You should see an entry called _STANDBY_ in the list of registrations on the master PBX.


  • You should see an entry called _ACTIVE_ in the list of registrations on the standby PBX.


  • You should see all expected licenses in the Licenses area (PBX/Config/General) on your standby PBX.
  • All Objects of the master PBX should be replicated to the standby PBX.
  • You can test your configuration by turning off the master PBX. The standby PBX should take over all registrations

Known issues

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