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Product name

ASC EVOip Active, German

Important note: ASC changed the product name of its recording solution, MARATHON VoIP Collector is called now ASC EVOip.

Certification Status

Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized April, 2012.



With ASC’s voice recording solutions, suspicious conversations can be recorded simply.

The following recording methods are possible:

  • automatic recording of each call
  • manual start/stop using a phone function key
  • automatic start of the recording and manual stop using a phone function key


  • ASC
    • EVOip Server Software 10.00.22
    • EVOip active 5.20.46
    • ASC Datamanager 2.90.24
    • WEBplay 10.00.27
  • innovaphone Firmware:
    • PBX/Phones V9.00 Hotfix 11


ASC logo claim.jpg


We tested the new version ASC EVOip Active (only active recording was tested), since it replaces the ASC's "MARATHON VoIP Collector".

The test were successful and all required tests were passed. As a result the ASC EVOip Active recording solution is qualified as a Recommended Product

The phone that records the call (i.e IP240) creates a three party conference call between the caller and ASC EVOip Active recording software. Therefore a "normal"(using only the DSPs of the phone) three party conference between three phones is not possible, since the ASC recorder requires one DSP channel.

The Configuration with ASC DataManager 2.9 is simple (see under related Articles 06_EVOip_active_f_r_Innovaphone_d_V.pdf), but in contrast to this manual we recommend to register phones via H.323 and not SIP. ASC EVOip must be registered via SIP at the PBX where the user-object of ASC EVOip is configured.

The recorded calls are stored with additional call informations. We verified them using ASC Webplay 10.0. The stored call informations were: start time, end time, duration, call direction, compression, own phone number, partner phone number and 3rd Party Phone Number (if call forwarding is used) where recorded. As you can see in the test results, we recommend to update your PBX/phones to v9 Hotfix 11 or later. Otherwise anonymous calls can not be recorded.


Competitive Analysis



For more information, please contact ASC directly.

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