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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone operator V8

More Information

This article explains the procedure and provides links to the required tools for readers involved in the localization/translation of the innovaphone Operator.


Two separate and free tools are required. A third tools aides in switching the user interface culture.

XAML Cruncher

Xaml Cruncher is a free open source .NET application from Charles Petzold. It is capable of editing XAML-files. Images aren't displayed.


Zeta Resource Editor

Zeta Resource Editor is an application that can edit .NET string resources within *.resx files.


Culture Switcher

This free tool is required only if the utilized Windows PC does not belong to the intended target culture (simply: language). It allows to e.g. start the operator for the italian culture on an english PC.

  • Download:
  • Start the app
  • As Applicaction Path select the path to the Operator application
    • For an installed version this would be e.g.: C:\Program Files\innovaphone AG\innovaphone® Operator\innovaphone.operator.exe
  • From Launch Application in Specified Culture select e.g. French


Two sets of files are to be localized.

  • The inline help files
    • Those can be accessed by installing the latest operator application. The inline help can found in the program folder underneath the Inline-Help folder.
  • The string resources utillized by the application at runtime.

The localied resources must be returned, in order to be built in to the operator application.

Inline Help

Access one of the localized inline help folders in the application's program folder. A sample location might be C:\Program Files\innovaphone AG\innovaphone® operator\Inline-Help. The root directory contains the english help. E.g. the de sub-directory contains the german help files. The following steps assume the app' shall be translated to italian. The source language may be german.

  • Copy the de directory into an it directory
  • Start the XAML Cruncher.
  • Edit a XAML file by means of File/Open. Source directory may be C:\Program Files\innovaphone AG\innovaphone® operator\Inline-Help\it
    • The file is rendered in the right pane. The edit area is in the left pane.
    • Translate the text. Note: Referenced images/screenshots won't show up in the right area, which is OK at this stage.
  • Save the XAML file by means of File/Save
  • Proceed with the next XAML file.
  • You may now control the the newly translated inline help from within the operator application. However the application must be started for the targeted culture (it in this case).
    • The tool may help to switch to the target culture. Start the operator from the CultureSwitcher. The path to the exe may be C:\Program Files\innovaphone AG\innovaphone® operator\innovaphone.operator.exe

Note: There applies a known issue with the XAML Cruncher: XAML Cruncher Cannot Parse

Runtime String Resources

Please inquire for the source resx-file either via innovaphone support or presales. You will be then provided or Resources.resx(english).

(hint for inno dev members - source safe location of resx-files: $\soap-appl\switchboard\8.00\resources)

  • Save the resx file as e.g.
  • Start the Zeta Resource Editor
  • Open the resx-file by means of the keyboard shortcut CTRL+O.
  • The strings are displayed row by row.
  • You are supposed to edit the right column/second column. (Please do not touch the Name column).
  • Save the file by means of the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S.

Known Issues

XAML Cruncher Cannot Parse

When opening e.g. configuration-ldap-location.xaml the XAML Cruncher complains about invalid XAML content. The reason is that the XAML-file references something from the operator app' which cannot be settled by the XAML cruncher. Even not if the app' was copied to the file location.

To solve this simply delete the Command attribute from the <Button> element. In detail delete: Command="operator:OperatorCommands.HelpDefault".

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