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Some people do a lot of phone calls or they receive a lot of them during a day. Often in some company it is a rule to use a standard answer to all calls, i.e.: “Hello, welcome to mycompany, my name is xyz, how can I help you”.

The innovaphone PBX can do this job for you! Here is how:

Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone IP-Phone sets

More Information

You can record your personal greeting announcement which is played automatically when you pick up the receiver. Just listen what the far party says, forget about “Hello, my….”, this will be automatically played. You can also stop the play of the auto-greeting pressing the redial key.

To record the greeting just call the auto-greeting number, the actual greeting is played followed by the instruction. If you press any key you will hear a “beep” and will be able to record a new greeting (to stop the recording press just any key again). If you want switch of the feature just call the auto-greeting number and press after the “beep” any key twice.

The XML will start to play the greeting each time the phone detect a connect status.

The second version of this XML called greet2.xml will play the automatic answer just on incoming calls.

Problem discussion greet just on incoming calls

A XML will not receive any information about the call direction; therefore, we have to detect this in another way. The user has to activate a CFU to a “detection XML”. This detection XML will write a flag on the CF(Compact Flash) and transfer the call back to the extension. If the user answers, the greet2.xml will check if the flag is set and just play the greeting if there is such a flag and clear it. Therefore, if a user picks up the receiver doing an outgoing call no flag is there and no greeting play. The problem is if the user do not answer the transferred call: the detection XML has already written the incoming flag and so a next outgoing outgoing (if there is no incoming answered in the meantime) will play the greeting. To minimize this effect the greeting xml will check the timestamp in minutes and will not consider flags older than 1 minute. Remember that the “optional” recording mode is a nice idea: this way the user will always be able to cancel the greeting manually when it start to play (just press the redial key on the phone).

System Requirements

This feature works only with innovaphone IP Phone sets. It uses the conference and recording feature, so no voice recording is possible if you active this feature. Conferences can be done but not during the reproduction of the greeting (so no real limitation).

The Feature uses the compact flash (required). No voice mail license necessary.


Just copy the content of the package provided in the download in a directory of your CF. Then create a VM object in the PBX and insert in the Path-Field the path to the greet.xml.

Now set in the configuration of the IP-Phone (Phone->User-x->Recording) the recording feature in mode “optional” and set in the number the one of the VM-object. From firmware V9 Hotfix 21 upwards, you also need to tick the Two Way Media check-mark.

In case of greet2 the xml file itself is named greet2.xml. You have also create an additional XML object and point on the xml greetCFU. Now do a CFU from the user to that XML. A nice side effect is that clearing the CFU no greeting is played, so using a feature key you can also provide a kind of greeting on/off key.

Done, no additional setup is required!


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.