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The Auto-MDX feature is the automatic detection of an uplink port attached to an ethernet port. With auto MDX, no crossover cables are required as the Ethernet port will automatically exchange send/receive pairs. Not all innovaphone devices support this on all Ethernet ports. Here is which do and which don't.

Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone devices.

More Information

Problem Details

IP800 and IP6000 do support auto-mdx on both Ethernet ports. All other devices do not support auto-mdx.

The older IP400 and IP21 feature a manual switch to configure the port.

On the telephones with 2 ethernet ports (such as IP110, IP200, IP230) ETH0 is used to connect a switch/hub, ETH1 to connect to a PC or other Ethernet endpoint. No auto-MDX thus.

The same is true for the IP2x and IP30x with 2 ethernet ports. If you intend to use such a device for routing between 2 LAN segments, then you will need a switch with auto-mdx or an uplink port to connect ETH1 to it.

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